I spent most of my travel experiences with my brother, who, like me, loves mountains, nature and learning about new cultures. Like me, he loves climbing peaks and staying in mountainous terrain. For this reason, most of our travel experiences are walking/hiking treks. We write all our travel experiences on the blog www.microtrips.eu, which is also the parent domain of this personal website.

For interest, I bring a few statistics, which still change significantly every year:

  • Popular destination: Jordan Desert
  • Favorite country: Madeira
  • Favorit summit: Triglav (but very frequented)
  • Highest point reached on foot: Zugspitze 2962 m.n.m.
  • Number of countries visited: 16
  • Number of conquered highest peaks of a state: 6
  • The highest ascending in one day: 2720 m
  • The highest ascending+descending in one day: 5440 m