Project co-researcher

  • GAČR Project: Advanced computational and experimental modelling of laminated glass structures under low velocity impact
  • GAČR Project: Design and advanced modeling of forced-entry and bullet resistant glass structures
  • Summer internship in robotic assembly of modular materials, see video below

Current activities

  • Numerical simulation of damage (focused on phase field models)
  • Modeling the propagation of damage in laminated glass beams and plates under dynamic loading
  • Numerical methods in evolution equations
  • Simulations in FEniCS library, teaching FEniCS course

Personal interests

  • Theoretical Mechanics, variational principles in mechanics
  • Mathematics
  • 3D printers technology
  • Robotics and open electronic systems
  • Modern portfolio theory, risk quantification, modeling of long-term investments
  • Object programming in the JAVA language

Selected publications

  • Schmidt J., Zemanová A., Zeman J., Šejnoha M. Phase-Field Fracture Modelling of Thin Monolithic and Laminated Glass Plates under Quasi-Static Bending (Available on:
  • Schmidt J., Janda T., Zemanová A., Zeman J., Šejnoha M. Newmark algorithm for dynamic analysis with maxwell chain model. (Available on:
  • Schmidt J. Experimental and numerical analysis of laminated glass under dynamic loading. Master thesis. CTU in Prague. 2018. (Available on: experimental-numerical-analysis.pdf)
  • Schmidt J., Zemanová A., Janda T., Zeman J., Šejnoha M. Variationally-based effective dynamic thickness for laminated glass beams. Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings. 2017. (Available on:
  • Zemanová A., Zeman J., Janda T., Schmidt J., Šejnoha M. On modal analysis of laminated glass: Usability of simplified methods and enhanced effective thickness. (Available on:
  • Hána T., Janda T., Schmidt J., Zemanová A., Šejnoha M., Eliášová M., Vokáč M., Experimental and Numerical Study of Viscoelastic Properties of Polymeric Interlayers Used for Laminated Glass: Determination of Material Parameters. Materials. 2019. (Available on: