Tutoring of university mathematics and mechanics

I teach selected parts of university mathematics and individual parts of physics – especially with a focus on mechanics.

  • Expertise: Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Functional Analysis and Optimization, Mechanics, Theoretical Mechanics, Digital Image Processing
  • Price: 200 CZK per hour

Landscape photography course

I have only been involved in photography for two years and I have a long way to go before perfect photography. However, I have a strong foundation in the principles of digital cameras and digital image processing. Therefore, I decided to offer „pseudo“ photography courses in the Beroun region (Křivoklátsko and Český kras, or Brdy or Prague). Why pseudo? Due to less experience, I want to help complete beginners and accelerate their progress. So I perceive it more as a kind of mentoring. In addition, I did not find someone who would offer similar courses in these localities. Due to this, the price is still set rather symbolically at the value of CZK 100 per hour of one individual lesson.

  • Expertise: Theoretical foundations of digital photography, Camera control, Composition and balance, Searching for subjects, HDR, Panorama, Postproduction

Course of theoretical and practical finite element calculations

Today, the finite element method is an indispensable knowledge not only in science but also in many industries. I have experience in teaching practical finite element calculations using the FEniCS library. I therefore offer lectures on the theoretical and practical aspects of this issue.

  • Expertise: Introduction to finite element method, control differential equations, variation, weak form, discretization, locking problem, stability of dynamic calculations, implementation in open source library FEniCS

Python scientific computation course

In addition to teaching the finite element method in the FEniCS library, which has an interface in Python, I also specialize in teaching solutions to evolutionary differential equations (structural dynamics modeling, epidemiological models, transport models,…) and their implementation in Python – both manually and with SciPy package. I also specialize in digital image processing.

  • Expertise: Calculations of differential equations in Python, digital image processing

High school mathematics tutoring

During my high school and university studies, I spent a long time teaching mathematics, physics, programming and descriptive geometry. Now I focus more on tutoring university mathematics, but I’m not against tutoring technical high school subjects.

  • Expertise: Mathematics, physics, programming in Java and Python, descriptive geometry
  • Price: 150 CZK per hour